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The first step to having a well-managed art collection, is knowing the potential value of your art. Whether you are looking for auction estimates or a formal written appraisal, our specialists can assist you in determining the value of your artwork.

Please provide us with as much information as possible to assist us in researching your artwork.

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Please check the front and back of the painting and specify where the signature is.
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Exhibitions: Has the work been included in an exhibition or a book? If so, please provide details.
Provenance: Please tell us more about the history (provenance) of the work and how you acquired it. Where, when and how was it acquired?
Notes: Please add any additional information which may be useful in appraising this work.

Please provide clear colour pictures of the work: front and back. Signature should be visible. Each image file should not be larger than 5Mb. We will contact you if we need additional photographs.
We accept only jpg images under 5Mb.

  • Upon submission, you will receive an automated response with your appraisal number. If you do not receive an appraisal number, your appraisal request has not been received. Please contact us at 1-800-528-9608 or for assistance.
  • We do not provide auction estimates or sale information for items that are of a type or value that are typically not sold in Heffel's auctions or are outside of our expertise.
  • All estimates are provisional and subject to revision once the work has physically been seen and examined by a specialist.
  • Heffel's auction estimates are statements of opinion only and shall not be relied upon by you or any third party as a prediction or guarantee of the actual selling price. Heffel makes no representations or warranties with respect to the property, its authenticity, attribution, condition or otherwise. Furthermore Heffel's auction estimates are intended solely for the use of the owner of the property and only for the purpose of considering whether to consign the property to Heffel. It may not be used by the owner for any other purpose, or by any third party for any purpose whatsoever, nor may it be published.
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  • Never send property to us for review unless agreed to and authorized by Heffel.
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