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Request an Artwork Estimate
Whether you are looking for auction estimates or a formal written appraisal, our specialists can assist you in determining the value of your artwork.
Please provide us with as much information as possible to assist us in researching and evaluating your artwork.
* Artist: 
Artist name.
* Artwork Title: 
Title of the work.
For example: Oil on canvas, watercolour on paper, bronze sculpture, etc.
* Size: 
List the artwork dimensions, not including the frame. Please specify the units of measurement (centimeters or inches) and list the measurements by Height x Width x Depth (if applicable).
* Signature: 
Is the artwork signed? If so, please specify the signature location.
For example: Bottom right, on the back, on the label, etc.
Is there a date on the artwork itself or on any accompanying labels/paperwork?
Please be specific when describing the condition of the artwork.
Are there any gallery, museum, or artist labels on the back of the painting? Please specify.
Has the work been included in an exhibition or a book? If so, please provide details.
* Provenance: 
Please tell us more about the history/provenance of the artwork. Where/when did you acquired it? Who owned it previously?


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