Gershon Iskowitz - C-168
Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000
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1st Session
Gallery Moos: Selected Works from the Estate
Lots # h101 - h124
closed for bidding

2nd Session
Gallery Moos: Selected Works from the Estate
Lots # h201 - h228
closed for bidding

It is with great pleasure that Heffel presents the online auction, “Gallery Moos: Selected Works from the Estate.” Founded by Walter Moos in 1959, Gallery Moos was a fixture of Toronto’s cultural scene, a leader in the Canadian art market, and one of the first internationally-oriented private galleries in the city. Moos held pivotal exhibitions for budding artists, promoting some of the most prominent names in Canada and abroad, including Sorel Etrog, Gershon Iskowitz, Alex Janvier, Lester Johnson, Jean Paul Riopelle, Antoni Tąpies and more. These notable artists and many others are featured in this exciting sale, which runs from October 28 through November 12.

Please note that this HO2 auction in partnership with Gallery Moos is subject to Special Terms of Sale. Prior to bidding, bidders are advised to review these terms in-full. These terms are in addition to, and will take precedence over Auction Terms & Conditions of Business and Heffel's Code of Business Conduct, Ethics and Practices.

There is an automatic 3 minute bidding extension if a bid is submitted on any lot within the last 3 minutes on the bidding clock. These time extensions will continue to occur until there is a 3 minute period during which no bidding takes place.