Property Collection Notice

Heffel Gallery Limited maintains a strict Property Collection Notice policy that governs the Property collection terms between the Auction House and the Consignor, Buyer and Clients being provided professional services from the Auction House. The Collection Notice is pursuant to the Auction House’s published Terms and Conditions of Business with specific reference to clauses: B7, B9, B12, C5, C9 and D9.

1. Buyer
a) Sold Property must be collected or have a completed and signed Shipping Form for Property submitted to the Auction House within seven (7) days post auction sale date and a shipping dispatch date not greater than thirty (30) days post auction sale date;
2. Consignor
a) Unsold Property must be collected by the Consignor within ninety (90) days post auction sale date;
3. Client being provided additional professional services
a) Non-consigned or sold Property delivered and deposited with the Auction House by the Client for the purpose of appraisal, assessment, research, consultancy, photography, framing, conservation or for other purpose must be collected within thirty (30) days after delivery receipt of the Property to the Auction House.
All Property in default to the Property Collection Notice, as defined in clause A, will be resolved as follows:
1. Property in default of the Property Collection Notice will require a completed and signed Auction House or third party Storage Agreement for Property submitted to the Auction House within seven (7) days of default.
2. Property listed in the signed and completed Storage Agreement for Property may be move off-site from the Auction House offices or preview galleries to warehouse storage at the Property Owner’s expense.
3. Remaining unclaimed Property will be subject to the Unclaimed Property Act (British Columbia) [SBC 1999] 1999-48-19 to 32 and consequential amendments and repeal.

These Property Collection Notice terms shall supersede and take precedence over any previously agreed terms.

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